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Journey, Transitioning Landscapes, Interiors…I am interested in passages, the “within” of containment. Miniatures are by nature an enclosed space, isolated from the outside word and simultaneously immersive, as they unfold within the frame. My larger pieces, two-dimensional and sculptural, more immediate and present in the world, are explorations in contrast to the world of the miniature. As I create, my works emerge as a transitioning landscape, a metaphor for my artistic exploration, materializing from white space into symbols of my journeying. These landscapes are a moving vista, shifting the spatial boundaries from initial closure and containment, to interiorities that connect each piece, passages to a boundless world shared between all works. The developing imagery from my interior journeying is displayed in delicate line work and light colour choices, suggesting the intimacy of my relationship to the emerging landscape. The use of light colours evokes sublime, unconscious places through a mist; mist and flooded areas, concealing what lies beneath. Solitary images contained within an infinite whiteness mirror the isolation of my journey. Within the scale of the miniature, images emerge under my observation as if from a distance, unveiling from a vast expanse. Navigating the landscape, passages invite – caves open within mountain peaks – watery interiors where there is no endings, closure or certainty; only passageways to further interiorities of endless space and infinity.


Onset, watercolour

Artists' Books

Recede, watercolour and graphite
Recede detail
DSC_8539 edited.jpg
The Pass, graphite
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